Just a few of Our Client Testimonials:

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Anne’s attention to detail and pronunciation of difficult terms in medical and IT are impressive.

Anne is a valuable resource for our online training and education projects. She always delivers timely and error free scripts and voice overs that engage our audience from beginning to end.  SilkWeb highly recommends Anne Ganguzza for any organization looking for professional script writing and voice talent.

Tim is a joy to work with!

Not only has he been producing award winning audio for decades, but he really create an atmosphere where each client feels at home. They are extremely dedicated and give each project the highest quality!


Kurt Opel
Web designer

I recently worked with Tim Keenan to record key portions of an interactive, e-learning course for a large health care client.

In addition to Tim's abilities as a first rate recording engineer, he has a broad familiarity with medical terminology, which was invaluable to keeping the sessions error-free and on schedule.


Curt Norris
Video Producer

It is always refreshing to work with someone who has the ability to be talented and effective at her job

while at the same time maintaining unparalleled charm, wit and energy. Dealing with Anne is like inhaling a much needed breath of fresh air on an as need basis. Anne is your "go to girl" to get the job done. Her professionalism and creativity are outweighed only by her efficiency and enthusiasm. You will never regret having Anne on your team.

You will not be disappointed!

As a Director/Producer for a large aerospace company and as a PD for my own business, I have used Tim and the services of Creative Media on many occasions, with nothing but the most professional of results in every case.  I highly recommend him!

Mike Voeltner

Anne, your voice is perfect!

Thank You so much!

Dr. Robert Hecht
Advanced Heath Solutions

I can't recommend Anne highly enough!

Her work far exceeded our expectations, and she demonstrated incredible responsiveness and professionalism every step of the way. She's personable, sharp and really, really talented.

Lore Communications